10-Best Mobile-friendly Church Websites for 2020-2021

Paul Moon

Paul Moon

Strategy Advisor to LeadershipEdges & Leadership Coach at The Epicenter Group

Website design is constantly changing as technology evolves and design trends shift. Church website cannot be an exception for it is the front door to your church and facing toward to those seekers who are thriving in the current trends. The design and the UI of the site in addition to the content are literally what your church communicates. Don’t ignore this claim. Many of the church websites, unfortunately, are telling that their church is outdated and unintentionally communicating you are not welcome here. I strongly suggest paying more attention to the front door to your church and transforming it as much as inviting and welcoming today’s people into your church. I analyzed church website practices, which met the design requirements with trendy features. Here are some selections of the 10-best mobile-friendly church websites for the next years. I encourage you to use one of these designs as you look forward to updating your own church website.

What I noticed in the practices is:

The design and the UI of the website must be more mobile-friendly in order to give a welcoming impression to the new visitors-to-be. The user interface relies on a one-hand operation with a thumb as a pointing device.

Large images and videos are placed in a continuous-flow vertically on the homepage as the structure of the site becomes flat. The horizontal menu bar is fast disappearing as imagery is important for its strong impression but also used as a navigation to a different anchor-point of the continuous-flow web page.

The church website becomes clear in its purpose. 90-100% of the homepage contents are seekers-oriented. It is furthermore optimized for local searches through search engines (Local SEO).

There is an article on what you will notice in the best church websites for the next years. Please read. These are the mock-up sites for the 10-best mobile-friendly church website, which is constantly being updated. Please click the image below to move to the showcase page. We will come up with a new set of professional mock-up sites for churches to begin customization according to their requirements. 
My Place Church Theme
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Journey to Know God More Theme
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New Wave Church Theme
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