Time to plan digital ministry for 2019

Paul Moon

Paul Moon

Strategy Advisor to LeadershipEdges & Leadership Coach at The Epicenter Group

Now’s is the time that all churches should be reviewing their digital ministry analytics, if there were any related projects, and see what worked for them over the last year. This analysis should be a starting point when you plan digital ministry in the new year. I have done my part of reviewing the web ministry analytics for 2018 and produced web ministry 10 commandments.

Creating a well-tailored digital ministry strategy for the year will help ensure your funds are used wisely. Every church and Christianity have been disrupted by the digital revolution over the last decades. The digital era is an uncharted territory. We have built our expertise in the digital ministry since 1997 and would love to share them with you when you plan for 2019. We are organizing

  1. a FREE coaching session for preparing your web ministry essentials,
  2. to provide grants and benefits worth of up to $ 2,000 for eligible churches
  3. online bootcamps for constructing your church website
  4. Mobilize Leadership Summits: Next Multi

You may be eligible to receive
grants and benefitsworth of up to $2,000

Please fill out this form to find out your eligibility. We will shortly follow up with your inquiry.

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