Why are Landing Pages important for churches?

Why are Landing Pages important for churches?

A landing page is any web page, like the electronic display panel, that displays a specific PR (public relations) for a certain ministry or an event when people land on the page by their searches through the search engines, like Google. People are no longer memorizing church names, nor interested in religious practices. The traffic volume for “churches near me” is plummeting to non-existence in most regions. We need a new evangelism strategy to help people start a journey of belonging to a community rather than asking them to believe first to initiate their spiritual journey as a member of a congregation.

[Event] Leadership Summit: Mobilize Your Church for a Better Ministry Story

Many motivated spiritual leaders are struggling with an irresistible sense of disappointment, “My church is stuck or stagnant… Is that all there is?” God has a better ministry story for every church than a story of aging donors, stagnation and decline. We have worked with hundreds of church leaders, helping them to discover the story God wants to write for their ministries and to live into that story!

A Learning Day with modules focused on:

Bonding Diverse People into an Effective Unity
Effective Ministry in Digital Culture
Shifting our Ministry Venues Beyond the Church Building