Why are Landing Pages important for churches?

Why are Landing Pages important for churches?

A landing page is any web page, like the electronic display panel, that displays a specific PR (public relations) for a certain ministry or an event when people land on the page by their searches through the search engines, like Google. People are no longer memorizing church names, nor interested in religious practices. The traffic volume for “churches near me” is plummeting to non-existence in most regions. We need a new evangelism strategy to help people start a journey of belonging to a community rather than asking them to believe first to initiate their spiritual journey as a member of a congregation.

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According to the statistic data from the General Society survey released in March 2017, about 10% of the US population say they go to churches affiliated with mainline denominations.

What you'll notice in the best church websites for 2019-2020

What you’ll notice in the best church websites for 2020

FIRST, the church websites won’t survive without being constructed with a responsive design. The main browsing platforms will be of more mobile devices. It will be safe to have designs and features geared toward smartphones with the capability of displaying the contents responsively on other devices like desktops and tablets, not the other way around.