plan for 2020

Time to Plan Successful Digital-Ministry for 2020

Now’s is the time that all churches should be reviewing their digital ministry analytics, if there were any related projects, and see what worked for them over the last year. This analysis should be a starting point when you plan digital ministry in the new year. I have done my part of reviewing the web ministry analytics for 2019 and produced web ministry 10 commandments.

exchange hub

Ministry Exchange Hub

According to the statistic data from the General Society survey released in March 2017, about 10% of the US population say they go to churches affiliated with mainline denominations.

Ignite Your Ministry Project with Practical Competencies

Old ministry paradigms stopped working decades ago, with the advent of the digital world in which we live now. Most of the spiritual leaders acknowledge the veracity of this statement because they have personally experienced it; further, statistics clearly indicate that the digital age brought in its wake an inevitable disruption that had an impact on not only churches, but all industries. Many brick and mortar establishments, which were once believed to have a permanent existence, have disappeared for good because of the digital revolution.

The best way of church announcements

The Best Way of Church Announcements: WhatsApp’s One-Way Broadcasting Channel

The church announcements are an art of communications. We constantly need to find a new effective way of church announcements in order to share the precious stories of congregational life. The invention of Gutenberg printing press, one of the most influential innovations in the second millennium, has helped the churches communicate better via the paper form of Sunday bulletins. What is the best way of church announcements in the third millennium accompanied by the advent of the smartphones?