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Time to Plan Successful Digital-Ministry for 2020

Now’s is the time that all churches should be reviewing their digital ministry analytics, if there were any related projects, and see what worked for them over the last year. This analysis should be a starting point when you plan digital ministry in the new year. I have done my part of reviewing the web ministry analytics for 2019 and produced web ministry 10 commandments.

Becoming a Welcoming Church: Local Church Website Design

Becoming a Welcoming Church: Local Church Website Design

In a technology driven age, it has become essential for local churches to create a presence
online. A website allows you to bolster your current reaching-out campaigns, take control of
your brand image online and build long term relationships with your neighbors.
WordPress is a universal website platform that provides the scalability required when
growing your church.
This guide will take you through the website design process and explain the benefits of
using WordPress as a website platform.