Digital Evangelism & Disruptive Ministry Innovation

About the Seminar

Old paradigms for evangelism stopped working decades ago at the advent of the digital world we are now in. An urgent need has emerged for developing a game-changing strategy for evangelism and ignite your church for healthy growth in the digital culture.

“There is a tight correlation in church revitalization and the ability to engage and meet people where they are in the digital culture.”     – Dr. Paul Moon

In seeking to transform the people’s lives, it is indispensable FIRST, to understand the diverse ways people utilize media and technology to make sense of the world and SECOND, to learn how to become an inviting and welcoming church in the digital culture through disruptive ministry innovation focusing on web ministry essentials and collaborative communication. 

Digital Evangelism and Ignite Seminars

This seminar will help our churches optimize their digital ministry with adaptive changes critical to the digital age:

  • Understanding the shifting world view of the culture we seek to reach
  • Harnessing the digital revolution to help us in our mission
  • Becoming an inviting/welcoming/belonging/engaging church in the digital culture

The cost of the day varies. Please visit the registration site. It comes with 1-2 CEUs, expandable to 3-4 CEUs for any who sign up for a yearlong group coaching experience. 

All participating churches and pastors will receive the following in-seminar benefits (worth up to $ 1,500):

  1. WEB Audit reports on your church website
  2. $500 credits toward your web ministry essentials:
    • A mobile-friendly Continuous single-page Church Website
    • Keywords Research for 2 Groups
    • On-page SEO Optimization
    • Three Landing Pages for 2 Keywords and an Event
  3. $500 credits toward your group coaching with Dr. Paul Nixon and Dr. Paul Moon.

Speaker & Coach

Dr. Paul Moon

is a leadership coach of Epicenter and a strategy advisor to LeadershipEdges. He is a pastor, ministry strategist and coach operating in multiple innovative mobilization projects. He lives in NYC with virtual offices nation-wide.

2 Paul's Joint Coaching

Dr. Paul Nixon

is the founder of Epicenter Group. He is a pastor, coach, ministry strategist and student of culture. He lives in downtown Washington DC, with an office on K Street. He operates in multiple time zones and cultural contexts each week. 

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Also, all seminar participating churches and pastors will get $1500 worth of in-seminar benefits!

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Upcoming Events

Honolulu, HI

Thuesday, May 21, 2019


at Wesley United Methodist Church
1350 Hunakai St, Honolulu, HI 96816

**For pastors and their ministry teams**
All participating churches and pastors will receive the in-seminar benefits

Honolulu, HI

Friday, May, 2019


Honolulu, HI

**For the lay leaderships serving for a local church**
The registration will be sponsored by Hawaii district and LeadershipEdges 

Seminar Timetable

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