LeaderhipEdges - Coaching for Churches

Do you want to take your ministry to the next level
and boost social media engagement with your community in seeking to transform the people’s lives?

What We Do

There is a tight correlation in church revitalization and the ability to engage and meet people where they are in the digital age, which came with an inevitable disruption making waves across not only the churches but also all industries.
The old paradigms of church revitalization are no longer working, and we need a game changer. Disruptive ministry innovation is all about mobilizing churches to get connected with people thriving in the digital culture.

LeadershipEdges provides professional coaching services to the churches on three leading edges of Disruptive Ministry Innovation:

Competitive Edge

Without focusing on the efficiency of ministry communication platforms you can’t advance with any ministry projects.

Cultural Edge

Focusing on the digital transformation of your congregational culture is all about people.

Community Edge

Focusing on ministry content marketing and social media engagement is to reach out with your neighbors.

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