[ Seminar: Disruptive Ministry Innovation, Phoenix, Arizona on December 5, 2017 ]

Do you want to take your ministry to the next level and boost social media engagement with your community in seeking to transform the people’s lives?

This seminar will focus on a framework for Disruptive Ministry Innovation Diffusion, a process of how Disruptive Ministry Innovation changes the ministry model and what challenges churches are facing to overcome during the process.

Participants will learn a systematic approach for Disruptive Ministry Innovation, which will help you develop plans focused on three vital edges of your ministry, knowing that true transformation of your ministry comes when they are being intentionally developed:

  1. Competitive Edge: focusing on an efficient and effective ministry operating system
  2. Cultural Edge: focusing on people and digital transformation through them
  3. Community Edge: focusing on social media engagement in seeking to transform the people’s lives

Participants will also get three months of coaching for free for the area of interest including:

Competitive Edge: (focusing on an efficient and effective ministry operating system)

Use of cloud-based technologies, including online team collaboration, online communications and conferencing, and online resources for your internal ministry operating system to facilitate collaboration efficiently and connect your congregation effectively.

Cultural Edge: (focusing on people and digital transformation through them)

The greatest myth about digital culturalization is about technology. It is not. It is all about people. It starts with a building a Social Media ministry team focusing on how a micro-story of the congregation is being collected, developed and scheduled to be delivered to the congregation and the community through a church website and Social Media.

Community Edge: (focusing on boosting the social media engagement in seeking to transform the people’s lives)

There is a tight correlation in a church’s ability to be revitalized, and the ability of the respective churches to engage and meet people thriving their lives in the digital culture. In seeking to transform the people’s lives, it is indispensable, first, to understand the diverse ways people utilize media and technology to make sense of the world and second, to learn to boost your social media engagement through Ministry Content Marketing campaign.

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Seminar on disruptive ministry innovation

Venue: Our virtual office in Phoenix,Arizona


3420 E. Shea Blvd, Suite 200 Phoenix, Arizona 85028, USA 602-953-5300

  • info@leadershipedges.com
  • www.LeadershipEdges.com
  • Seminar Cost: $ 200
  • Discount $ 50 if paid by 11/24/17

Save $50 dollars for paid RSVPs by 11/24/17

Please help us to organize the event professionally!

R.S.V.P. (cancellable)

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