Becoming an Inviting Church: SEO On-Page Optimization

Dr. Paul Moon
Dr. Paul Moon

Leadership Coach at The Epicenter Group, Strategy Advisor to LeadershipEdges

Our churches’ online ministry is not done just with the construction of a website. Considering that 94% of online experience begin with an online search, you should make sure that your website is being ranked and listed in the first two pages of the search results. In today’s digital culture where our churches should be thriving, I have to say that it is the first step to becoming an inviting church. Of course, your congregation should be motivated and descipled to welcome new people and to get connected with them. The real hand-on discipleship should begin with “Come and See” online in the digital culture.

Being indexed and ranked on the search engine results pages (SERPs) depends on many factors, beginning with the different elements on each of your website. Optimizing these factors helps search engine crawlers find your website, index the pages appropriately, and rank it according to your desired keywords. On-page optimization plays a big role in ensuring your online evangelism campaign’s success. In this definitive guide, you will learn how to successfully optimize your website to ensure that your website is indexed and ranked on the SERPs. In addition you’ll learn how to make your web pages convert.

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