Three best church website designs for 2018

Dr. Paul Moon
Dr. Paul Moon

Leadership Coach at The Epicenter Group, Strategy Advisor to LeadershipEdges

Website design is constantly changing. Technology evolves, and design trends change. Church website cannot be an exception since it should aim to reach out those who are thriving in the current trends. Here are some selections of my favorite three best church website designs for 2018. While this is not an exhaustive list, nor are the websites ranked in any order, I encourage you to use these designs as you look to update your own church website.

What you'll notice in three best church website designs for 2018

  • As 70% of digital media are being accessed from mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, including iPads, the design becomes very mobile friendly nowadays. The user interface, therefore, relies on one-hand operation with a thumb as a pointing device.
  • Large images and videos are placed in a continuous-flow vertically on the homepage as the structure of the site becomes flat without any additional depths. There is no need to have a top horizontal menu bar or to provide the mobile menu button to display the menu items in a compatible mode. I didn’t like it from the beginning. It reminds me of using an old DOS application under MS Windows 3.1 DOS compatible mode. Every one of these church websites use full-width images throughout their website. Imagery is important for its strong impression but also used as a navigation to a different anchor-point of the continuous homepage or to link to other mobile-friendly webpages or landing pages.
  • The church website becomes clear in its purpose. 90-100% of the homepage contents are seekers-oriented. It is furthermore optimized for local searches through search engines. For more information about On-page Local SEO optimization, please read it from my blog posts. Who is your church website trying to reach? Who’s the information targeted at? All this anticipation is vividly shown on the sites.
  • In addition, Call-to-action buttons help get your site’s visitor to where they want or need to go quicker as the church collects a visitor’s email addresses. The church website now has a singular purpose of a conversion of getting the initial contact information to build a database for getting regularly connected with them through email or social media.

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  • You won’t find outdated events or information. I think many churches think too big when it comes to creating web contents. Please discern and find out which contents are being generated every week and just add a flavor to them using some impressive images. It is my humble opinion that the video sermons shouldn’t have to be uploaded every week unless you are a GREAT preacher, and you have a media team available to spend a decent number of days every week working on your sermon to produce a Ted-talk quality video. Instead, create a couple of ministry marketing videos and place them on the site. It doesn’t have to be long. 10-30 seconds will do. The main purpose of the church website is for those who are seeking for a new place where they may continue their spiritual journey.
  • The day of the marquee image rotator is over. If used, it is for a small number of fixed banners being used as a navigation to the anchor points. You’ll be hard-pressed to find any current website that uses rotating images to share announcements.
  • Stock photography has its purpose. They are used for general information only and not for the contents with a real story. Using images that are part of your community and congregation is authentic and allowing the visitors to have a vivid experience about your church.

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