WordPress Church Website Hosting Plan and Premium Services

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Dr. Paul Moon
Dr. Paul Moon

Leadership Coach at The Epicenter Group, Sr. Strategy Advisor to LeadershipEdges

The church website is constructed on the one of most industry-standard platforms, WordPress. The distinctive features of the platform are following:

I would love to share one of my posts on how to construct a mobile-friendly continuous-flow church website faster. It explains the functions and the design elements of the WordPress websites and will be helpful if you are new to WordpPres. The post can be accessed via  https://leadershipedges.com/main/2018/10/20/creating_a_mobile-friendly_church_website_faster/.

The mock-up site is constructed on a stage server and undergone for modifications up to the modification requests placed by the church. The site is then transferred to the production server once upon the approval by the church. The production site is hosted on a hosting server, which is professionally maintained by a professional service provider. There are numerous numbers of hosting providers in the states, and we recommend a half-dozen of them to the churches. Our recommendation is based on several factors, including performance, how easy to do administration tasks, security, how well the hosting is optimized for the particular WordPress site, the level of their support and availability, etc.

One of my favorable hosting service providers is Inmotion Hosting since it offers the most attractive features today for the church website. The following shows the major features included in one of the hosting plans being recommended for hosting a mobile-friendly continuous-flow church website showing the three distinctive characteristics of a good mobile-friendly church website:

The annual plan, as of October 2018, costs the church $ 191.88 yearly (it is like $ 15.99 monthly). The plan is optimized for a WordPress website with the functions and designs implemented in the church website.

There is another important area that you should consider an out-sourced professional service (WordPress Premium Service) in order to maximize the return from the investment on the web ministry. They are optional.

The Internet and web technologies are evolving so fast around the clock. The hosting service provider has to keep up with the changes as upgrading its infrastructure and software systems. The provider has done and will do the upgrades for free. Even though we constructed the church website on the latest WordPress platform, which is up-to-date with the hosting environment, the provider will continually upgrade its hosting environments. An engineer, therefore, should constantly follow up with the changes for the proper functioning of the church site. The WordPress plugins and theme should be upgraded to maintain its compatibility with the hosting server and its middleware.  Good news is that most of the plugins being used in the website will be upgraded by the developers for free. However, it requires continuous support by a web engineer that necessary upgrades should be applied on to the church website. Otherwise, the site will be soon suffering from incompatibility issues and may stop working. The following are the alert notices for the current mockup site requiring necessary actions, which are being taken care of.   

the alert notices 1
the alert notices 2

In addition to the site upgrade, security is a major issue to any contemporary websites. There are constant attacks to the site, which are overflowing in today’s Internet world. Most of the malware attacks are to alter the usage of the site. It sometimes hijacks the site and uses it for illegal content distribution or for malware broadcasts. In order to protect the site from these dangers, multiple security defense systems are already installed. The defense systems, according to the current analysis, generate dozens of securities alerts every week. An engineer should be on the top of the matters and takes a proper action according to the nature of the alerts.

How well the church site is being maintained, there is always a chance that the website has to be recovered from the backup image and database. It is a very time-consuming process to make sure that the recovered site is not only working but with the latest contents.

wordfence protectionIn order to fix the problem, including those causing WordPresss plugins, mentioned-above fast, the WordPress Premium Annual Service is highly recommended. The service will manage administrative tasks and the admin database work so you’re free to focus on your web ministry without any interruption. The WordPress premium service I recommend for your church costs $ 99 per month at the industry standard. The most difficult part of the service provider when dealing with the church, as a client, is communications. Considering that there are not much traffics to the church website by its nature and that my organization handles the communication loop, the same WordPress Premium Service is provided at $45 per month. Few churches have an easy access to a web engineer promptly in case that the site needs to be recovered from the backup image. It is arranged that the plan includes the recovery service for free.

In addition to the administrative and recovery tasks, I recommend buying some design hours and to include the outsourced design work in the WordPress Premium Service. The church website should go through with periodic design make-overs. I recommend once every six months. The second Premium service plan, for this need, includes 15 hours of professional design time and costs $ 85 monthly.

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