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Dr. Paul Moon
Dr. Paul Moon

Leadership Coach at The Epicenter Group, Sr. Strategy Advisor to LeadershipEdges

Creating a well-tailored digital ministry strategy for your organization

Creating a well-tailored digital ministry strategy for your organization should be one of the highest priorities in our ministry. Why?

Old ministry paradigms simply stopped working decades ago, with the advent of the digital world in which we live now. Most of the spiritual leaders acknowledge the veracity of this statement because they have personally experienced it; further, statistics clearly indicate that the digital age brought in its wake an inevitable disruption that had an impact on churches. Over the last few decades, the impact of this disruption on religious organizations has been particularly disastrous. Many, or most, congregations cannot afford a full-time pastor. From being open less-than-full-time, they are heading toward closure and the sale of church buildings. Further, many churches are trying their best to find enough money to just stay open.

Your digital ministry strategy should take care of the following questions:

  • How can a church become resilient enough to mobilize its ministry, break through the barriers it faces, and overcome disruption when confronted with the uncharted territory of the digital age?
  • How can a church become an inviting and welcoming congregation that instills a feeling of belonging in, and is wide open to, its community?
  • How can it thrive in the digital culture?
  • How can a congregation equip its leadership with practical competencies so that they operate a ministry that has an impact on people’s lives despite all the negative statistical reports?

We, nevertheless, need to continue our faithful journey in the uncharted territory of the digital era.

We have built our expertise in coaching and providing consultation for the disruptive ministry since 1997 and would love to share them with those who seek for ministry innovation in their local contexts. We are organizing in 2019:

  1. a FREE coaching session for web ministry essentials (for becoming an inviting congregation in the digital culture)
  2. grants and benefits worth of up to $ 2,000 for eligible churches to construct a church website with a mobile-friendly continuous-flow design
  3. online bootcamps for DIY your own church website
  4. a nation-wide Mobilize Leadership Summit series on “Multi-” co-hosted by The Epicenter Group based in DC.

Your church website is the front door to your church. The design and the contents of your site are literally what your church communicates with the world. Don’t ignore this claim. Many of the church websites, unfortunately, are telling that their church is outdated and unintentionally communicating, “You are not welcome here”.

Are you in need of upgrading/creating your church website?

You may be eligible to receive grants and benefits worth of up to $2,000 if your church’s spending budget was less than $ 200K last year, or your church is a new church-start within the last 5-years. We had analyzed the best church websites for 2018/2019 and produced ten fully-customizable mock-up sites for your church to choose and customize it according to your requirements and preferences.

Once done with the construction of your church website, I would love to provide you with three cohort coaching sessions for FREE on the following crucial subjects:

  1. New Evangelism Strategy in the Digital Culture: Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  2. Community Deep-listening: Keywords Research via Google Keyword Planner
  3. Ministry Content Marketing: Presenting Your Core Ministry with Keywords Being Searched in Your Local Communities

At the end of the FREE coaching sessions, I will offer you a grant for a year-long ministry coaching with Dr. Paul Nixon (the author of a top-seller book, “I refuse to lead a dying church” and many more) and myself in order to make it very affordable. Those who sign up for coaching with two Dr. Paul’s may be eligible for a FREE service that we will set up and help to deploy a collaborative online communication platform for your ministry team to use.

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