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The essence of ministry in digital culture is to engage and meet people where they are.


The religious phenomenon of "nones" has become a trend with all age groups, and are now the second largest group in the U.S.


Project-based Mobilization Coaching for Disruptive Ministry Innovation

is what offered here at LeadershipEdges.

We often see those motivated visionary church leaders have been stuck with or failed their congregational development projects not because their visions and plans were ill-conceived, nor they were not faithful or lacked diligence. It is simply because the traditional approaches are not working in the digital age anymore.

The old paradigms were breaking faster than the new ones were emerging in today’s digital culture. This era set the stage for the digital revolution that came with a disruption making waves across not only the churches but also the four corners of the earth. It is so hard to plunge full-throttle into congregational transformation as facing directly with the disruption since we have to learn a fresh way around this uncharted and unknown world of the digital era as we go along. However, subverting long-established and currently working ways of doing the church and replacing them with something brand new, notably something that we don’t have knowledge or expertise is a great risk and mounting fears for everyone.

We’re here to help a church to set up a process of Disruptive Ministry Innovation. It will changes the ministry model and help overcoming challenges churches are to face during the process. Our systematic approach focuses on three vital edges of your ministry, knowing that true transformation of your ministry comes when they are being intentionally developed:



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We need to be networked as a team of faithful innovative leaders in order to develop a good strategy for the congregational development in such a time like this.

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