Mobilize Your Church For A Better Ministry Story

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About the Summit

Many motivated spiritual leaders are struggling with an irresistible sense of disappointment, “My church is stuck or stagnant… Is that all there is?” God has a better ministry story for every church than a story of aging donors, stagnation and decline.   We have worked with hundreds of church leaders, helping them to discover the story God wants to write for their ministries and to live into that story!

A Learning Day with modules focused on:

  • Effective Ministry in Digital Culture
  • Bonding Diverse People into an Effective Unity
  • Shifting our Ministry Venues Beyond the Church Building

Other Benefits

1. FREE WEB Audit reports on your church website
2. $500 credits for your next church website
3. $500 credits toward your group coaching with Dr. Paul Nixon and Dr. Paul Moon

Early Registration

3-weeks prior: 15% OFF (Use a code, "EARLY15")
1-week prior: 10% OFF (Use a code, "EARLY10")

Summits In 2019

Pittsburg, PA

Thursday, May 2

Los Angeles, CA

Thursday, May 16

Savannah, GA

Monday, July 15

Raleigh, GA

Tuesday, August 13

Saint Louis, MO

Wednesday, October 9​

Madison, WI​

Thursday, November 14​


Dr. Paul Nixon

is the founder of Epicenter Group. He is a pastor, coach, ministry strategist and student of culture. He lives in downtown Washington DC, with an office on K Street. He operates in multiple time zones and cultural contexts each week.

Dr. Paul Moon

is a leadership coach of Epicenter and a strategy advisor to LeadershipEdges. He is a pastor, ministry strategist and coach operating in multiple innovative mobilization projects. He lives in NYC with virtual offices nation-wide.​

Virtual Presenters

Beth Estock 
Lynne Alley Grant
Trey Hall
Guest Speakers


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