[Webinar] Church Online Strategy: Church Online on Steroids

Paul Moon

Paul Moon

Strategy Advisor to LeadershipEdges & Leadership Coach at The Epicenter Group

The coronavirus will move past its pandemic state at some point in the future. Even when it is ‘back to normal’, it will never be the same again. What will the church look like in 5 years? We need to take the long view. Otherwise, there seems no hope in the near sights nor a better time to listen to Paul. In 2 Corinthians 5:7, Paul says, “We live by faith and not by sight.” When we intentionally take the long view, our future state helps us live out our faith today. The purpose of this seminar (or webinar) is to present you with the potential future scenarios, which were studied by ministry strategists and pastors, and to lay great stress on developing and deploying your Church Online Strategy now. It will shape or even define your impending ministries.

Webinar Brochure:
Church Online on Steroids

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