The First Step to An Effective Ministry Collaboration

Paul Moon

Paul Moon

Strategy Advisor to LeadershipEdges & Leadership Coach at The Epicenter Group

Changing the way of working for ministry may be the first step to an effective ministry. We need a productive workspace for faithful leaders, including pastors and lay leaders, to excel to their full potentials. However, it is not easy to develop such a professional workplace and to deploy it in our ministry environments. It demands a high financial investment but requires a high level of technical skills and experiences, not to mention the harder part of it is to maintain and upgrade the system up-to-date with respect to the ever-fast evolving technology landscape.

There is good news! It has been developed, maintained, and upgraded by Facebook. It is called Workplace by Facebook. As Facebook revolutionized social interactions, Workplace aims to do the same for team collaborations. With 14000 companies using Workplace, achieving the milestone doesn’t seem to be an absurd idea after all. This is what many of its clients expect from Facebook Workplace: A platform that encourages collaboration by making it fun and engaging along with being user-friendly. There is better news that Facebook offers the premium version of Workplace to non-profit organizations for free.

Here’s what you can expect from Facebook Workplace.

  • Workplace by Facebook is a collaboration platform designed to connect entire organizations with the following features:
  • unlimited groups keeping all the team activities at one place
  • messaging and video calling
  • sharing files in one place through integration with the apps like Office 365, G-Suite, and SharePoint
  • news feeds displaying all team activities on your wall
  • no ads, data is owned by your church, no binding contract
  • Live Videos allows teams to create real-time video posts

Besides tons of its features, I highly recommend this product for the team collaboration of any congregations because of its minimum learning curve. With 2+ billion active users, it’s almost impossible to find anybody who’s not familiar with Facebook. By inheriting the common user interface from Facebook, Workplace has assured a minimum learning curve.

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