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Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument (OCAI) – Entries

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Date CreatedEntry IDYour NameName of Organization
August 17, 2021190Barbara SheltonBethel UMC
August 17, 2021189Keith RickerBethel UMC
August 17, 2021188Ron MeadBethel UMC
August 16, 2021185Heather Anthony-MooreSt. John's UMC
August 10, 2021181Linda RobertsonSt. John's UMC
August 9, 2021180Marcie HassettSt. John's UMC
August 9, 2021179Connie ParkerSalem UMC
August 6, 2021176Carol DanielsonSt. John's UMC
August 6, 2021175Larry GranthamSt. John's UMC
August 6, 2021174Marc KeelerSt. John's UMC
August 5, 2021173Dolores SlatcherSt. John's UMC
August 5, 2021172Jackie BookSt. John's UMC
August 5, 2021171Debra L VogelsangUnion UMC
August 4, 2021170Rita HovermaleUnion UMC
August 4, 2021169Barbara WilsonSt. John's UMC
August 4, 2021168Margaret WorkmanUnion UMC
August 2, 2021165Marcia L WindleySt. John's UMC
July 31, 2021163Donald MilamSt. John's UMC
July 30, 2021160chandra luckshoSt. John's UMC
July 29, 2021159Dave BakerSt. John's UMC
July 29, 2021158Pat DavidsonSt. John's UMC
July 29, 2021157Marie WolfgangSt. John's UMC
July 29, 2021156Leigh Ann Spicer-ParksSt. John's UMC
July 29, 2021155Carlyle Windley WindleySt. John's UMC
July 28, 2021154Jeff JamesSt. John's UMC
Date CreatedEntry IDYour NameName of Organization
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