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Do you want to innovate your organization to the next level during the digital revolution by which every organization has been disrupted over the last decades? 

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LeadershipEdges, an innovative and rapidly growing coaching and consulting company, provides a leadership development strategy and organizational development services to assist our clients (non-profit organizations, including religious organizations) with digital transformation and culturally competent leadership development efforts. The transformation and development focus on three leading edges of disruptive  innovation:


Competitive Edge:

focuses on the efficiency and effectiveness of your ministry operation system

by deploying cloud-based technologies such as team communication platforms, your own mobile app, online donation platforms, email campaign platforms, social media management platforms, and online resources for your ministry team to collaborate efficiently and connect with your congregation effectively.

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focuses on digital transformation to become a leading organization with relevant competencies demanded by the digital culture

by implementing a new evangelism strategy to reach out with today's seekers, knowing that old paradigms for evangelism stopped working decades ago at the advent of the digital world we are now in, and almost 95% of any digital experience begin with a search engine.

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focuses on disruptive community development for your organization to grow within your community as overcoming existing disconnectedness.

The disruptive community development is a strategy for sustainable micro-community development. Beyond the mobilization of a micro-community, it is concerned with how to foster a new hosting culture for the micro-community to be more culturally competent so that it may repair the breakage in the connection with their communities, and embrace and grow with the hosting congregation.

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Onsite & Online Seminars

01 Competitive Edge

Onsite & Online Seminars

Organization Development Diffusion Process

Organization development is a special journey across the six different stages of their continual development demanded.
Alpha Station is where the journey proceeds into the stages, and HyperLoop Station is where the journey ends but is looped back into another journey at a totally different dimension.
Each stage is not necessarily placed in a linear path but more likely interwoven into a net of 24 different nodes. 

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02 Cultural Edge

Onsite & Online Seminars

I.G.N.I.T.E. Coaching

Onsite & Online Seminars

I.G.N.I.T.E. Coaching is a systemic approach blending coaching, consultation, and experiments with a clear focus on critical leadership development for the emerging culture. It allows engagement with alignment in performance and co-creates individual and team vision leading to collaborative actions. I.G.N.I.T.E Coaching focuses on
A.ctivating your leader team through Asset-Based Competency Development (ABCD)
B.uilding up a narrative of concern/opportunity for your community
C.onstructing your Innovative Ministry Model (IMM) driving results
D.eveloping your Ministry Value Proposition (MVP) attractive for your focused groups
E.nlisting the early adopters through Minimum Viable Ministry (MVM) diffusion strategy
F.using technology platforms into Ministry Operating System (MOS) for maximum impacts
G.rowing strategically by feeding back your evaluation analysis

Onsite & Online Seminars

03 Community Edge

Onsite & Online Seminars

Exchange Hub

Onsite & Online Seminars

Disruptive Community Development Strategy

ExchangeHub, an initiative toward the local areas in a region, is, first, to envision and build a hub of the partnerships (called SPOTs) with professionals and local entities that have done or would do their endeavors for the sake of the community. Secondly, we will construct an online site (called ExchangeHub) so that SPOTs may effectively find and support those in need of their services as well as they continually invite other community members to volunteer for the community service proposed by each SPOT. – Seeking communities for the sake of the community.

Onsite & Online Seminars

Events & Seminars

LeadershipEdges provides a variety of onsite and online seminars so that ministry leaders may learn to lead their congregation for such a time as this disruption due to the digital revolution.

I.G.N.I.T.E Leadership Development Curriculum

Seminars on Organization Development Diffusion

Disruptive Community Development Strategy

Mobilize Leadership Summit

Seminars on Digital Transformation & Disruptive Ministry

Online Bootcamp: Equipped with Web Ministry Essential

Ministry Innovation

The tipping point in ministry growth is no longer its size, but the cultural competencies it uses to enlist early-adopters from its communities, thrive in the digital culture, and eventually grow with them into a faith community. Our ministry solutions will boost the level of the competence of your congregation.

Church Website Builder

Church Mobile App Development

Online Donation Platforms

email Campaign Platform

Event Management Platform

Team Collaboration & Communications Platform

Social Media Management

SEO Campaign Platform

Why choose us?

We are a command of professional and enthusiastic people,
who like what they do with a singular vision to help organizations become a community full of real-life stories,
generation to generation.

Things can get really busy - especially on weekends. The last thing on our minds was checking if new comers could easily find us when they're searching online. The community-edge campaign helped optimize our website for Google search. Their coaching for new digital evangelism has definitely effective to get more visitors.

- Simon

Our knowledge in digital marketing was very basic. We have a website, but it wasn’t ranking until we ran the Cultural-Edge campaign with the Local SEO. We receive reports regularly, which is a plus because they keep us updated on progress. They also gave advice and some SEO tips to from page 11, our website jumped to page 1. We get 10 times more traffic and more visitors now than before.

- Collin

Our church was looking for real ROI on our digital transformation efforts - the measurable kind. It took about 18 months of the strategic campaign for the transformation to take a significant turn upwards, and our organization started to receive a stiff increase in the digitalisation readiness score.

- Paul

My church is reasonably well established in the community. We frequently hold family-oriented events and concerts. Our real goal was to become a real destination in our town. After implementing an effective SEO strategy and Social Media management geared towards our ministries and events, our traffic increased triple fold. This digital strategy really helped us stand out from competition in the town, and we were able to finally broaden our target audience.

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