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OCAI Questionnaire

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Date CreatedEntry IDYour NameName of Organization
August 26, 2021219NancyCalvary UMC
August 26, 2021218Dale HutchinsonCalvary UMC
August 24, 2021216Joan HarperSt. John's UMC
August 23, 2021215Tanya L ZimmermanCalvary UMC
August 23, 2021214Andrew ZimmermanCalvary UMC
August 22, 2021213Louise JimenezCalvary UMC
August 22, 2021212Patty MarvelBethel UMC
August 21, 2021211Katie ValenciaCalvary UMC
August 21, 2021210Carolyn ThomasCalvary UMC
August 21, 2021209JohnCalvary UMC
August 21, 2021208Vivian BosettiCalvary UMC
August 20, 2021206Jim GastnerBethel UMC
August 20, 2021205Robert K MontiBethel UMC
August 19, 2021202Philip I FieldsBethel UMC
August 19, 2021201Cynthia ClavetteBethel UMC
August 19, 2021200Kathy EngelBethel UMC
August 19, 2021199Dennis Committee SabatoBethel UMC
August 18, 2021198Alison ParsellBethel UMC
August 18, 2021197Kay MillerBethel UMC
August 18, 2021196Ray QuillenBethel UMC
August 17, 2021195Walt TydingsBethel UMC
August 17, 2021194Charlie JosephBethel UMC
August 17, 2021193Paul EvelandBethel UMC
August 17, 2021192Ralph ScottBethel UMC
August 17, 2021191KayBethel UMC
Date CreatedEntry IDYour NameName of Organization
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