What Does Your Church Communicate Today?

Paul Moon

Paul Moon

Strategy Advisor to LeadershipEdges & Leadership Coach at The Epicenter Group

People have been interacting with many marketing campaigns via social media, websites, and online apps for quite some time. The new communication technologies have completely adjusted the way organizations interact with today’s people. This trend is absolutely not only for the young as the digital revolution has undergone, over the past five decades, into the new decade. One notable trend is, according to the statistical reports by eMarketer,

59 percent of U.S. users will access any apps only through mobile by 2020.” It further reports, “Facebook, where 53 percent of U.S. users are now 35 or older.”

A movie scene from “The Intern” in which a senior intern, Ben(Robert De Niro) learns how to use technology including making an account on Facebook.

What it means is that the Internet and social media are not a playground for the young anymore, but for everyone. They are also using mobile apps to access the information of their interest instantly. Anyone who is interested in finding a new church or information about a church begins with an online search using mobile devices.

Your Website is the Front Door to Your Church

I really want you to claim that your website is the front door to your church. The content of your website determines what your church communicates today. The design and the UI of the site, in addition to the content, are literally representing how inviting and welcoming today’s people into the church.

“Flock” is a good web/mobile application for online team collaboration.

Many churches are ignoring this new claim. Many of their websites are unfortunately telling that their church is outdated and unintentionally communicating you are not welcome here. I strongly suggest paying more attention to the front door of your church. The design and the UI of the website must be more mobile-friendly in order to give a welcoming impression to the new visitors-to-be.

Do You Invest in the Internal Collaboration and Communication System?

Beyond your website, do you ever make an investment in the internal collaboration and communication system of your ministry? All those people who are thriving in the digital culture are getting used to a new breed of communication systems with features of team collaboration, online meetings, including video conferencing, project management, searchable online resources, and a multi-channel group chatting. Wherever you are working today, you have been a user of those communication systems. These are a crucial operating system and infrastructure on which people are collaborating to make difference. Many motivated leaders became so frustrated when they decided to move on with a church revitalization project because they couldn’t move forward an inch with the project. It was simply because there didn’t exist a ministry operating system with which a team of the motivated ministry leadership could collaborate together. 

Did you ever feel stuck? When trying to develop culturally competent leadership, you must invest in a team collaboration and communication platform. I’m working on a 180-day ministry plan to the turn-around of a staggering church. The first step, besides investing in people, is to set up a collaboration and communication layer into your ministry operating system. This will help to unstuck any stagnant ministry and to mobilize your ministry into higher gears. 

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