What You’ll Notice in the Best Church Websites Emerging

FIRST, the church websites won’t survive without being constructed with a responsive design. The main browsing platforms will be of more mobile devices. It will be safe to have designs and features geared toward smartphones with the capability of displaying the contents responsively on other devices like desktops and tablets, not the other way around. You should know that 75% of digital media are being accessed from mobile devices. The user interface, thus, should rely on one-hand operation with a thumb as a pointing device. The site should be based on continuous-flow single page design. Large images, videos, texts, forms are placed vertically as a section. There is no need to have a top horizontal menu bar or to provide the mobile menu button to display the menu items in a compatible mode. Imagery is important for its strong impression but also used as a navigation to a different section of the continuous-flow web page or to link to other mobile-friendly webpages or landing pages.

SECOND, it should load its contents quickly. Many popular mobile apps are getting faster and better as outperforming the old desktop software. The expectations of mobile users on the speed, thus, are very high. As far as the speed concerns, Mobile users act as if patience is no longer a virtue. With any slow-moving websites, they simply move on to the next choice of the search engine result. The site, therefore, should utilize a lighter and faster theme as a core foundation. The features and functionality are now the secondary requirements of a Mobile-friendly church website.

The church website, THIRD, shall be clear in its purpose. 90-100% of the contents are for online seekers. You should know 93% of any online experiences begin with a search engine. The site’s primary purpose is to become a landing point for those Local SEO searches and Organic SEO searches. Please click here for more information about On-page Local SEO optimization. Who is your church website trying to reach? Who’s the information targeted at? All this anticipation should be vividly shown on the sites. The secondary purpose is to convert those searches landed at your site into an initial contact point. Call-to-action buttons help get your site visitors to where they want or need to go quicker as the church collects their email addresses via an online form. Make sure of building a contact database for getting regularly connected with them via email or social media networks.

FOURTH, you shouldn’t let the seekers find outdated events or information on your site. I think many churches think too big when it comes to web content. They seem to try to contain the whole church ministries on a website. Think this way. Your church website is just a front door to your whole church. The front door has its own mission. Please discern and find out which contents are being generated every week and just add a flavor to them using some impressive images. Think of the content as ministry marketing materials. It is my humble opinion that the video sermons shouldn’t have to be uploaded every week unless you are a GREAT preacher, and you have a professional media team available to spend a decent number of days every week working on your sermon to produce a Ted-talk quality video. Instead, create a couple of ministry marketing videos and place them on the site. It doesn’t have to be long. 10-30 seconds will do. The main purpose of the church website is for those who are seeking a new place where they may continue their spiritual journey.

We analyzed church website practices, which met the design requirements with trendy features. Here are some selections of the 15-best mobile-friendly church websites for the next years. We encourage you to use one of these designs as you look forward to customizing your own church website. Please click the image below to move to the showcase page. We will come up with a new set of professional mock-up sites for churches to begin customization according to their requirements.

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